Divorce Quotations

Excellent quotations (not “quotes,” as my eleventh-grade English teacher used to remind us) on divorce.


Divorce and Financial Disclosure

As your Mahopac divorce lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer, I strongly recommend full financial disclosure and exchange of information.



Article on Lawyer Trying to Use Job to Advantage

I must admit I have been guilty of playing the lawyer card a time or three…



Marriage and Internal Clocks

As a morning person married to a night owl, I will say that I don’t think timing differences are all that bad!



Divorce and Mediation

Recently I have done more mediation of divorces.  This is where I suggest a few solutions and draft the divorce documents, but do not advocate for one side over the other, and suggest that each party review any agreement with the independent counsel of his or her choice.

Divorce and Retirement Accounts

Many are surprised to hear that the marital portion of retirement accounts is typically split upon divorce.  However, you need to do this in a special way to avoid tax consequences.  As your Mahopac divorce lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer I will ensure proper procedure.

Divorce Myths

Divorce is more complicated than you may think.  I have heard many if not most of these divorce myths, and as your Mahopac divorce lawyer, New Fairfield divorce lawyer, Putnam Lake divorce lawyer, and Sherman divorce lawyer, I will cut through the myths and show the actual truth of divorce, custody, visitation, and finances.