Diplomatic Immunity

I was watching a show the other day that discussed diplomatic immunity.  While it is a good idea in theory, I wonder if the abuses outweigh the benefits.


Divorce, Parenting and Discipline

Unfortunately, children will play their parents against each other in divorce to obtain more lenient discipline.  Even worse, the best thing to do is to relax the rules and standards, albeit temporarily, so that you are not at a disadvantage in any custody dispute.  It may not be “right,” but in any litigation, it is important to have a strategic advantage.



Divorce and Restraining Orders

As your Putnam County divorce lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer, I take restraining orders very seriously.  This article explains in greater detail the consequences of restraining orders.

Divorce and Emotions

Unfortunately, divorce can bring out the worst in people.  This article explains why.

Divorce and Court Orders

Unfortunately, noncompliance with family law court orders occurs frequently.  Sometimes, it is unintentional and harmless.  Sometimes, it is willful and prejudicial.  This article included additional information about how to pursue court enforcement.

Divorce and Contempt

People regularly think their ex is violating court orders and want them to be found in contempt.  But what exactly does “in contempt” mean?  This article explains.

Connecticut Probate Court Elections

As a guardianships and conservatorships attorney in Connecticut and New York, I keep watch of the Probate Court elections in the fall. This article explains in better detail.