Busy and Slow Seasons

Interesting article on busy and slow seasons in practicing law.  Personally I find that the spring is busiest, winter slowest, and summer and fall in the middle (except August is slower and September is busier!)>


Refinancing Mortgage

In many situations, refinancing a mortgage makes sense, and an up-front fixed amount for closing costs pales in comparison to the thousands of dollars saved in interest.  Other times, you may be better off sticking with the mortgage you have.  Speak with a mortgage broker or real estate lawyer to find out more.

Rural vs Urban Practice of Law

In my opinion, practicing law in a small town beats practicing in a city hands-down.  This article explains why.

Exhibits and Trials

When heading into any trial, you need to make sure your evidence and exhibits are admissible.  I will do all possible to ensure that your evidence and exhibits are admissible, including obtaining all certifications and issuing any subpoenas necessary.

Real Estate Closings

Some people think that when it comes to real estate closings, the quicker, the better.  As your Mahopac real estate lawyer and New Fairfield real estate lawyer, I beg to differ.  I scrutinize and explain each and every document you sign, and will insist on corrections to any errors made in the paperwork.

Legal Issues and Bankruptcy

Unfortunately, sometimes if you face legal issues, you may become insolvent, where your debt exceeds your assets.  As your Mahopac lawyer and New Fairfield lawyer, I will work with you to determine whether or not bankruptcy, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13, is appropriate.

Divorce and Relocation

This article explains relocation with children during or after divorce.  As your Mahopac divorce lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer I will fight for your desires aggressively.