Everything You Wanted to Know about Workers’ Compensation

To minimize friction between employers and employees, if an employee is injured on the job, Workers’ Compensation insurance will generally pay for the damages sustained by an injury.

This website gives a comprehensive analysis of Workers’ Comp.


Calendar Calls and Punctuality

Many times, attorneys will be late to court, and give the Court or opposing counsel no explanation.  However, when I go to court, I ensure that I arrive at least a few minutes early.  If I have multiple appearances in the same court, I notify opposing counsel and depending on the circumstances the Court clerk.  This ensures that I do not hold up clients, the Court, or opposing counsel.

How to Shop for a Mortgage

In shopping for a mortgage, you should try to minimize your rate and closing costs.  This article suggests some pointers.

Closing Preparation

When preparing for your closing, hope for the best but expect the worst.  These guidelines show how to prepare and ensure you do your best to keep there from being any delays.

Getting Married Today

Today, despite my large matrimonial law practice, I am taking the plunge and getting married!  No other post today!

Title Searches

When purchasing a house, you will need to make sure the sellers have good title, with no tax liens or building or zoning violations.  For this I highly recommend Freedom Title, which I use for my transactions.

Divorce Trial Preparation

It is extremely unlikely that a divorce will go to trial instead of a settlement, but if a case goes to trial, much goes into the preparation.  This article shows what parties should consider doing to prepare.