Buying a Fixer-Upper

I agree with much this article states about buying a fixer-upper.  However, I would negotiate aggressively for a large discount, based on the fact that fixing up a house is a long road.  As your Mahopac real estate lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer I can help guide you through the contract negotiations.


Word of Mouth and Referrals

I believe that doing a good job and obtaining referrals by word of mouth is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise.  As a result, I treat every client like my most important client, because I am grateful for all of their business!

Subpoenas and Divorce

Many times, people will want to subpoena their soon-to-be ex’s family and friends in a bitter divorce. I always recommend to rethink this.  There is nothing worse than putting an adverse witness on the stand and having him or her say something unexpected that could be used against you.  This article explains the process in  greater detail.

Federal Circuits

Many people do not know that the United States is split geographically into separate circuits, each of which have a separate Circuit Court of Appeals.  For the vast majority of federal cases that do not reach the Supreme Court, the Circuit Court issues decisions that bind the entire federal circuit on matters of federal law.  Both New York and Connecticut sit in the Second Circuit, along with Vermont.

Rules of Practice

Both New York and Connecticut have a section of the law devoted entirely to civil litigation rules.  As attorneys, we brush up on these constantly to ensure you have the best legal representation we can give you.!

Settlement Negotiations

During settlement negotiations, attorneys must follow clients’ wishes even if they disagree with them.  You should always consider your attorney’s advice, but ultimately any decision is yours.  This article explains attorneys’ ethical requirements in greater detail.

Consequences of Perjury

Frequently, people will ask for criminal charges to be brought against witnesses they believe lied under oath.  Unfortunately, perjury charges rarely occur.  However, inconsistent stories can lead to a loss of credibility in the eyes of the finder of fact.  Therefore, witnesses should always be honest!