Lies and Divorce

Unfortunately, there are many issues of fact in divorce, and one or more spouses may lie.  The best defense against a lying spouse is documentation, because it is very difficult to prove that a spouse is lying otherwise.  This article explains divorce and perjury in greater detail.  As your Mahopac divorce lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer, I will make every effort to make sure your spouse does not get away with dishonesty.


Electronic Filing

Many courts permit, if not require, electronic filing.  This website explains the benefits and drawbacks of electronic filing.  Personally, I strongly prefer it, but I can understand how others might prefer hard copies.

LLC vs. Corporation

When forming a business, you will usually need to decide whether to form an LLC  (Limited Liability Company) or corporation.  Usually, the most important factors are tax considerations. This article explains them very well.  However, you also have transaction costs, asset protection considerations, and other issues.

Speak with a good small business planning lawyer and accountant to figure out the best solution for you.

Home Inspections

When undergoing a home inspection, you will find many of the needed repairs.  However, when buying a home, budget for repairs that you might not expect.  Homeownership is time-consuming and expensive, but rewarding!

Market Value Rider

When you buy real estate, it usually increases in value (you hope!).  You usually buy a title insurance policy too.  As a default, if you ever find out you have faulty title and lose the real estate, the insurance company will pay up to whatever you paid for the property.  However, you can purchase a rider that will result in payment of the actual market value in many circumstances.


I am split on whether or not to buy the rider.  On one hand, it gives great peace of mind and if you real estate values ever went up and you were to lose your property, you could then buy a replacement.  On the other hand, the odds of your having bad title are extremely remote, and sometimes the entire market value is not covered.  This article covers the decision in greater detail.

Satellite Offices

I believe that “the customer/client/guest/patroon/person enabling me to earn a living is always right.”  To improve my convenience and availability for clients, I have two office branches. This article explains the benefits of satellite offices. So whether you live closer to Mahopac , New York, or New  Fairfield, Connecticut, I am here to meet with you at your convenience.

Rural/Small-Town Lawyers

Many people think that the best opportunities for lawyers are in the larger cities.  As an attorney practicing in a small town, I beg to differ and love helping individuals and small businesses in town.  This article explains some of the perks of living and working in a small town.