Happy Leap Year Day!

The rarest day of the year!  On a lighter note, here are some customs and traditions for February 29.




Mortgage Calculator

When buying real estate, you will want to ensure that you have an affordable payment, for your mortgage, taxes and insurance.  The below mortgage calculator covers all such payments, and it is worth running the numbers before putting in an offer.



Divorce Process

As your Mahopac divorce attorney and New Fairfield divorce attorney, I try not to lose sight of the emotional pitfalls in divorce.  It is a scary, upsetting process, and the below article really sums it up well.  I represent human beings, not cases, and am sympathetic to your struggles.



Divorce Mediation-Continued

Yesterday I had discussed divorce mediation.  As your Mahopac divorce lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer, I also have the below resource which discusses some of the advantages of mediation.



Divorce Mediation

Many times, you will reach an impass in divorce negotiations.  As your Mahopac divorce lawyer and New Fairfield divorce lawyer, I will have some good settlement possibilities.  However, to get both parties to agree, a neutral third-party mediator frequently can offer some good ideas. The below article describes in greater detail.



SCOTUS Vacancy

Great article on what is at stake in filling the Supreme Court of the United States’ vacancy.



Buying a Home

As your Mahopac real estate lawyer and New Fairfield real estate lawyer, I advise you to do your homework when buying a home.  The below article gives some good pointers: