The best compliment one can give me is a referral.  I am grateful for all of the business I have earned and will be happy to help your friends, family, and colleagues in a similar manner.


Small Business Planning

When starting or running a small business, you need not only legal representation, but good counsel concerning business and financial-related decisions.  However, these areas often intertwine.  Therefore, you should have an attorney with a business or financial background.

I graduated with a JD/MBA dual degree, and obtained a perfect 4.0 from business school.  I have helped many satisfied business owners over the years, and will spot tax or financial issues that you will need to address.  When a specialist is needed, I will recommend you seek a second opinion from an accountant on matters such as what corporate structure to use, or tax planning.  Of course, my experience in divorce law helps me spot asset protection issues concerning this area too.


As a law firm, this office holds onto much client information digitally.  Stories run rampant of security being compromises and identity theft and fraud.  As a result, this office subscribed to a suite of antivirus software, and also monitors for any irregular activity.  In addition, it changes passwords regularly, and password-protects files with alphanumerics.  With advanced technology, you can never be too careful.

Top Notch Staffing LLC

Frequently, employers need to ensure that their staffing needs are met and that all laws are complied with properly.  Top Notch Staffing LLC provides great solutions to staffing needs!  In your business planning, I highly recommend you reach out to Top Notch Staffing LLC to take charge of this.

Child Support Guidelines

In both New York and Connecticut, Judges take child support seriously, and rightfully so.  I was in Court the other day, and a lawyer suggested that she would submit some papers that could affect child support, so that the judge could “rubber-stamp” them by signing an Order to approve an agreement between the parties.  The judge said, “I don’t rubber-stamp anything.”

Courts take divorce agreements and child support very seriously. This office ensures that the child support guidelines and charts are provided to all parties and the Court, and that the settlement agreements are thorough to explain to all involved what they are entering into-this office’s settlement agreements are usually over 40 pages!

Freedom Land Title Agency

Performing real estate transactions, as a real estate attorney, I have had the privilege of working with Freedom Land Title Agency.  Superior personalized service at low rates make me a repeat customer!

Credibility and Honesty

Many times, attorneys will say that their word should be taken at face value as “officers of the Court.”  While I certainly endorse (and practice!) honesty, I never really thought about what that meant.

The other day, my client was required to deliver certain possessions to her ex-husband by a deadline.  The opposing counsel said to me, in sum and substance, that if I tell him that the items are in my possession by the deadline, that he would take me for my word as an attorney.

In addition, I have an escrow account that has reached six figures.  Some larger firms probably hold seven figures in their escrow accounts.

The trust that the court system and litigants put in attorneys is tremendous, but essential for the process to run smoothly.