Real Estate Pre-Closing Walkthrough Tips

Some of these do not apply to every state,  but still a useful article


Stress During Divorce

Dealing with stress during an acrimonious divorce will make you look better in the Court’s eyes and improve your chances of good results.

Separation vs. Divorce

This article lists many of the benefits of separation and benefits of divorce.   Sometimes,  a separation, for which there is a similar filing and court process, can make more sense.

Holiday Weekend

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it!   Best wishes for a great weekend.

Divorce Tips

Great article on how to avoid pitfalls during an emotionally difficult experience.  Divorce clients are usually “good people on their worst days.”


I take billing very seriously.   As a result clients are impressed with the value they receive for their money and attention to detail.

Closing in NYC

Today I have the honor of helping a well-respected business close on a new property.  I am grateful for its business and hope to help for years to come!