Itemized Billing and Invoicing

Whether you retain this office or another, it is important to understand your attorney’s billing arrangements.  The most common arrangement is probably hourly rates, but there are also flat fee and contingency fee arrangements.

A contingency fee is generally up to one-third of a total recovery or money saved.  The client may or may not have to lay out any out-of-pocket costs, which may or may not be credited against the contingency fee.  Be sure to ask your attorney about this.  Note that an attorney who is unable to advance out-of-pocket costs may just come from a smaller office; this does not necessarily mean that he or she is less effective.  This office generally advances smaller out-of-pocket costs.

A flat fee is a fixed fee for performing a specific task or series of tasks.  This might include out-of-pocket costs.  Be sure to check with your attorney.  This office includes all foreseeable out-of-pocket costs in its fixed fees.

An hourly rate involves charges for each billable hour.  The most common minimum increments are probably one-tenth, one-fifth, or one-quarter billable hours.  This office only bills in increments of one-tenth of an hour, minimizing costs for clients.  Out-of-pocket costs would added to each invoice.

This office accepts reasonably-sized retainers from its clients, and generally provides invoices monthly showing how the retainer is being spent, down to the penny!  This includes out-of-pocket costs.  I’ve also been known to refund all unused retainer amounts after the conclusion of a matter very quickly.  Mutual understanding and satisfaction with the charges, and how your money is being spent is my priority!